Mimosa hostilis, a mysterious tree

Mimosa hostilis, a mysterious tree

Jurema, Karirí, Pankarurú, Tusha, Fulnio, and many more – these are all native names for a mysterious tree, that we know as Mimosa Hostilis, or formerly Mimosa Tenuiflora. One of the titles beautifully translated from the Nahuatl language as ‘tree of the hill that bleeds’, some believe it’s due to the deep reddish colour from…

Mimosa hostilis as a everyday healer

Mimosa Hostilis anti-inflammatory/antiseptic properties are able to kill bacteria, germs and defend one against viral, fungal and bacterial infections, inflammation and aches. Being the perfect material to blend with creams, ointments and pastes. The presence of several alkaloids, lipids, saponins, glucosides, lupeol, phytosterols, arabinose, and rhamnose can also improve the immune system of the users….

Mimosa Hostilis root bark: health benefits and uses

Mimosa Hostilis root bark (MHRB), also often referred to as “jurema preta” or “tepezcohuite”, is a perennial evergreen tree or shrub, which grows wild in North-eastern Brazil and in Southern Mexico. It is a wonderful product with a wide range of usages. Powdered Mimosa Hostilis root bark has a high concentration of tannins that makes…