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About our Mimosa hostilis root bark

A home to our Mimosa hostilis bark is Bahia in Northeast Region of Brazil, where it is growing in its natural habitat. The Region is widely recognized for its history and culture, but also for its beautiful natural sights and hot weather. A hot dry winter and a cold rainy summer makes a perfect combination for our Mimosas. Oh, and people in Brazil call it “Jurema” or “Jurema Preta”.

We think you are wondering how the bark is harvested and processed. Answering right away the most frequent question: No, harvesting is not harmful for Mimosa trees and its population. Our suppliers are people of those places. They are very caring, farmers who love and feel nature in every expression. We agreed with them on the purpose to make the world a kinder place.

Our suppliers of Mimosa Root Bark carefully select only the adult trees for harvesting. The knowledge and experience help them to take the exact amount from a tree without harming it, which also allows influencing the quality of a final product.

After the best root bark was picked, it goes drying, of course, the same day. Active ingredients are preserved by processing Mimosa indoors to avoid devastating effect of the sun’s UV rays as well as extra moisture in a product. Further, already dried Jurema is divided into parts: one goes for processing into powder, the other for shredded finish.

Powdered or Shredded? Another frequently asked question we receive is about the difference in purpose, weight and price between powdered and shredded Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark.

First of all, the form of Mimosa to work with is a personal preference. It is your right to choose, to look , and to try that is why we are offering both.

At our production, we have a special bark mill, which helps to process mimosa in the best way. The fibers which are lighter of color are carefully sieved out, as a result, the end product has a darker color, which indicates its purity and highest level of filtration.

About the usage

Since 1 January 2018, the new EU Novel Foods Regulation, No. 2015/2283, has come into force. Please note that our Mimosa has not been placed on the market to be used in food for human consumption!!


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