The fresh Harvest Guarantee of our Mimosa Hostilis root bark, how it works?

Our fresh harvest Guarantee works as follows:

  1. High product rotation

    Here at Mimosaroot we make sure to have a very high rotation of our Mimosa Hostilis stock. We harvest exactly the right amount to get us through the month. This allows us to get the bark shipped out to you just shortly after the harvest, drying, and milling process. Thus making sure that all valuable ingredients in the bark are being properly preserved.

  2. Proper storage and packaging

    The bark is stored in a humidity-controlled environment to prevent it from getting damp, right after the milling process the bark gets packed in airtight bags to prevent the bark from being exposed to moisture or other containments.

  3. Buy the product

    Please buy the product to convince yourself of the outstanding quality and properties that our Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark has to offer. You will not regret!
    Check here our Brazilian powdered Mimosa
    And here our Mexican variant

  4. Not fresh enough?

    We will gladly send you a replacement at no extra charges. We truly stand behind our product and would like our costumers to be happy!