Oops… I put an incorrect shipping address!

Don’t worry, we can handle this.

  1. If you spotted a mistake or mistype, please let us know ASAP via email or phone. Before the order is shipped, we can change your address right away.
  2. After your order has been shipped out, unfortunately, we cannot change or re-route the shipping address (for DPD shipments different rules apply, they can be re-routed).
  3. We will reship your order free of charge as soon as the tracking shows that it is returned to the sender. Refund is also possible, excluding shipping costs.
  4. Same rules apply if you moved while package was in transit, or in a case of force majeure.

Can I do something in between?

  1. We advise to keep an eye on the tracking. You can call your post office before the package arrives to notify them that it’s your package, so they can hold it at the post office. Or ask them to forward the package to your new address. Postal services do not charge for their forwarding service.
  2. If you know the people at the address on your order you can contact them and ask to either refuse the package or to collect it from them after the delivery.

We are always there to assist you and provide the best solution in every particular case.