My package was marked as “delivered”, but I haven’t received it!

Our system automatically sends you an email, when the tracking status changes to “Delivered”. You haven’t received it? We are happy to help! And in any case, encourage you to contact us.

  1. Our shipments are discreet, so sometimes it’s not fully clear, that the parcel is from us. If you need specifications, please send us an email.
  2. Check your mailbox/door/hallway/garden/secret place for a parcel or for a note from your local post office. The note should provide you with further instructions.
  3. Look at the date and time of delivery, maybe one of the household members received it for you.
  4. Please, check your address in the confirmation email. If it was incorrect and delivered to the address stated in the email (not yours), we are kindly asking to collect it from the address provided.
  5. Contact your local post office (not the general hotline). They should provide you with helpful info, as who delivered the parcel and POD (proof of delivery).
  6. If your parcel was misdelivered, you can request the carrier to retrieve the package and redeliver it to the correct address.
  • USPS:
    • Sometimes USPS system announces “Delivered” status prematurely, please wait another business day.
    • Couriers are trained to hide your package from sight of a potential thief. That’s why contacting local post office can be handy.
    • If there are still no signs of a package, we consider it as stolen or lost. Please, file a claim with USPS.
  •  DPD:
    • Please look at the postbox/checkthe DPD website for a note from a courier if you package was delivered to the neighbour or a pickup point.
    • No success? Please, write us an email, we will demand info from DPD (incl. GPS coordinates at the moment of delivery).