How is COVID-19 effecting

Update 5th of June 2021:  Since June 2021 we have seen that shipping has normalized, overseas shipments arrive usually within two weeks. Shipments to the UK within 5 business days.

Information bellow can be disregarded:

Our carriers have informed us that the current global situation has meant that their standard processes are not running as normal. There are fewer transport aircrafts flying and as a result, some orders are waiting to be shipped out from the international mail centers. Fewer flights also mean that packages are being rerouted via different postal hubs once they reach the US. Disruptions within the US to the USPS system could mean further delays.

Registered shipments in Europe shipped with DPD experience little to no delays, except for some parts of Northern Italy.

We have been reassured by our couriers, and also by our customers, that our packages are being delivered but we are not able to monitor their progress, nor are we able to predict exactly how long they may take to reach their destinations.

At this point, all we are able to do is to ask for your patience and understanding. Until the global situation stabilizes and processes start to normalize, we are going to have to ask that you wait a little longer for your order to arrive.

We appreciate the obvious frustration caused by this situation. Please rest assured that we are committed to you receiving your order as quickly as possible and that we are monitoring the situation and adapting our shipping methods as required.