Can I pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

You can buy Bitcoins with your own bank or credit card and simply send these Bitcoins to our Bitcoin Wallet. Why Bitcoins? It’s easy, safe, fast, anonymous, and almost free of transaction costs. You can place an order by contacting us, please provide us with the amount you would like to purchase and a shipping country, so we can come up with the exact price and further details.

How to get started with Bitcoin? Click here for more info about bitcoin.

Currently, payment with other cryptocurrencies is not possible, though we are looking for new ideas, and let’s see what we can do for you.

Where to purchase Bitcoins?

You can buy your bitcoins on different websites, you can use different payment methods, including a credit card to purchase bitcoins.

To buy Bitcoins with ideal or Bancontant use the following website: (Dutch-based) or (US-based)