About Brazilian Botanicals


We’re a small company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Very small, in fact – we’re Koen & Eliza a young couple who have both had a life long fascination with botanicals. No big, impersonal corporation here

At Brazilianbotanicals.com we believe in treating other people like we want to be treated ourselves: with friendliness, patience and respect.  We do what we do with passion, and we find strength in the quality of our products.


About our Botanicals

Our Botanicals are directly imported from Brazil, we make sure that only the highest quality product is reaching our customers! Plants are wild-sourced or cultivated to maximize sustainability and preservation objectives. We achieve this by closely working together with local farmers who are using traditional harvesting methods and value quality over quantity!

Many blessings from Utrecht,

Koen & Eliza

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

POST BREXIT shipping to UK is fixed. Shipping to USA: At this time, transport capacities from EU to the US are considerably reduced. Please note that effective September 15, 2020, Deutsche Post will ship to the US via ocean freight till further notice. Transit times 30-50 days depending on the region.

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